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Ohio hailing artist PleasureMore comes through with an instantly addictive, irresistibly smooth and incessantly soulful new 2022 R&B mid tempo jam "Stop Teasing Me". Every so often, you hear a song that just sounds so fresh but so classic and timeless at the same time, and "Stop Teasing Me" is one of those! PleasureMore has a silky smooth voice and the song "Stop Teasing Me" is very grown and sensual. Real R&B in it's truest form.” - Laurens Haines

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PleasureMore Drops New Single "Stop Teasing Me”

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Embrace PleasureMore's "I Can't Tell Ya"”

I Can't Tell Ya 2.67M Worldwide Streams”

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PleasureMore Creating Buzz!” - Ohio News

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Embrace PleasureMore's I Can't Tell Ya” - Clark A Thomas

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Soulful R&B Music” - Clark A Thomas

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PleasureMore Brings New Enthusiasm-Positive Outlook to life!” - Alicia Parker

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Cherish R&B, Soul Music” - Alicia Parker

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The merging of an old school soul sound with new R&B vibes is the perfect marriage as Pleasuremore brings a melodic motion to his music and glides through a classic track like “Break Up to Make Up” and brings a freshness to an iconic song without losing the essence of what makes it such a quintessential Soul standard. On “I Can’t Tell Ya” the same authoritative style is taken but on a track that is very much for 2022 but with a vintage flair that only an experienced soul singer can bring.” - Jamie Ryan

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