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PleasureMore, mentored by Marshall Jones of the Ohio Players for over 30 years. PleasureMore had his first professional recording session with the Ohio Players (1981) where he played drums on the track "Try to Be a Man." In 1982 Marshall introduced the Thomas Brothers to Roger Troutman. The union with Roger, came a record deal with CBS Records, which resulted in 2 albums titled "Something New" 1983 and "Gonna Have Big Fun" in 1984 produced by Roger Troutman. Also, PleasureMore sung vocals on Roger hit "I Want To Be Your Man (1987), toured with Roger and Zapp playing drums and vocals from 1986-1992. PleasureMore playing drums with Roger and Zapp on BET-Live 1989. After, leaving Troutman, he ventured out as a indie artist. Today, he's part owner and has his own recording studio, Independent label, music and e-commerce production company.  

On the commercial success of his songs "Break Up to Make  Up (2020) and "Stop Teasing Me" and I Can't Tell Ya" which was released in  March 2022; this single currently has over 2.67M streams worldwide and 1.36M in the US on the SoundCloud platform. He's back with his new single "Adore" fresh out of the lab with a smooth seductive vibe, with caressing mesmerizing vocals and a sophisticated grown folk groove, along with strong melodic musical riffs.  The smooth irresistible vocals and sensitive feelings with expressing an emotional connection is breathless. As PleasureMore continues to build his fan base and brand; he is staying true to his commitment with an old school R&B sound. The demographics of appealing to a younger audience between the ages of 28-34 years old is evident that his craft and style is sweet listening to the ears and that delightful good music is ageless.  

His music is at  your favorite music app stores including but not limited to: Apple, Soundcloud,  Amazon and  Youtube to name a few. 

 So, if you are ready for something new to groove to and someone to party with; then book Varges Thomas & PleasureMore at your next event.