Thomas Brothers Entertainment Group is a music production company from Dayton, Ohio.

 "Keep reaching, never give up and expect something significant in your life"


Welcome to our website. Music is a universal channel that gets into the hearts and souls of music lovers. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of recording, performing, writing, and entertaining people from all over the world.

The key to any successful venture is partnership.  As we continue to make music that soothes the soul we need your support in many ways. We all have an appreciation for family, friends and those we love the most. I consider all of you family. 

The musical projects on this website are from lifetime experiences and being part of something greater than ourselves. If you like what you see and hear then feel free to donate; your support is greatly appreciated.

As we continue to create new music you are and will be part of this partnership to help me grow as a brand and help build my fan base touching the world in so many different ways. Music, love and hope is the glue that holds people and a broken world together. Get on this love train, dance to the music, and get ready to party and have some fun! 

All the songs are for your listening pleasure and enjoyment, so sit back, chill with the slow jams, jam to funk; let the grooves and beats stimulate your mood and be inspired from the heavens above. 

So, whether you want to listen to some good uplifting contemporary inspirational gospel or if you are ready to get your groove on, with some soul, pop and a touch of r&b; then let me give it to ya, with a mix of smooth jazz and some funk music that will make you want to sing and dance.  

It's all about making great music that brings people together to find the good in one another; that brings out the best in each other. May you enjoy new music at its best!

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Peace, love and hope, 


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